CJSC KASKAD-MIRTEK was founded in 2017.
The company is about 1000 sqm of automation industry of electrical products under the MIRTEK trademark.

The plant has a full manufacturing cycle, including assembly, programming, calibration and packing operation. Multifunctional single-phase and three-phase electricity energy metering devices, AMR/ AMI system equipments and metering gas consumption devices are produced here.

KASKAD-MIRTEK company has the projects for output and realization about 1 million accounting devices.

Students training class of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia was opened based on CJSC KASKAD-MIRTEK company.


Web-site: www.kaskad-mirtek.am

E-mail: info@kaskad-mirtek.am

Phone: +374 (99) 51-12-12