Data acquisition and transmission module, type MIRT-880, variation 5

Designation and application field

The main function of the module is performing of collection, storage of data and preparation of them for batch transmission through the GSM-channel. And also, transformation of interfaces of radio channel 433 MHz, the communication channel GSM for transmission of requests and data through the radio channel in the frequency 433 MHz and the communication channel GSM.

The module contains as a functional node a data acquisition and transmission device MIRT-881 for collecting and transmission of data through the GSM communication channel and interface RS-485, coordinator MIRT-145, variation 2 for collecting and transmission of data through radio channel 433 MHz and interface RS-485.

Technical specification

Nominal voltage of power supply (phase voltage), V


Overall dimensions (without antennas, connecting wires and an assembly set), mm, not more than


Climatic category according to GOST 15150


Ambient temperature, °С

from -40 to +70

Relative humidity, %, not more than

98 (at 25 °С)


  • average service life, years
  • MTF, hours

  • 30
  • 140000

Class according to human protection against electrical shocks, GOST


Protection class according to GOST 14254


Radio channel

  • modem, standard
  • communication channels
  • GSM900/GSM1800

Parameters of radio channel 433 MHz

  • frequency band, MHz
  • maximum power, mW
  • from 433,075 to 434,750
  • 10

Overall and mounting dimensions