Data acquisition and transmission module, type MIRT-880, variation 3

Designation and application field

The module contains as a functional node an acquisition and transmission device MIRT-881 for accumulation and transmission of data through the GSM-channel and interface RS-485, coordinator MIRT-557, variation 2 for collecting and transmission of data through radio channel 2400 MHz and 433 MHz and interface RS-485.

Technical specification

Nominal voltage of power supply (phase voltage), V


Overall dimensions (without antennas, connecting wires and an assembly set), mm, not more than


Climatic category according to GOST 15150


Ambient temperature, °С

from -40 to +70

Relative humidity, %, not more than

98 (at 25 °С)


  • average service life
  • MTF, hours
  • 30
  • 140000

Class according to human protection against electrical shocks GOST


Protection class according to GOST 14254


Radio channel

  • modem, standard
  • communication channels
  • GSM900/GSM1800

Parameters of radio channel 433 MHz

  • frequency band, MHz
  • maximum power, mW
  • from 433,075 to 434,750
  • 10

Parameters of radio channel 2400 MHz

  • frequency band, MHz
  • maximum power, mW
  • from 2405 to 2485
  • 100

Overall and mounting dimensions