Data collecting master MIRT-541

Device description

The main function of the data collecting master MIRT-541 is requests communication via the radio communication channel of the telemechanical network from operator of the control point to the controlled point and data in the reversed direction. MIRT-541 device contains a radio frequency module for data communication as a functional unit, which performs the functions of a radio modem (conversion of the digital interface into a radio signal and reverse conversion).

The data collecting master uses the frequency band in the range of 2400 MHz, has a power no more 10 mW, therefore, it is not required to obtain permits for the use of radio frequencies and registration of radio electronic equipments. Data collecting master MIRT-541 has a remote whip antenna, which should be placed vertically.

Interface type with a personal computer (PC) is USB. The output circuit is connected to the PC input port using a standard connector. The device is powered by the PC to which it is connected.

The DC network of MIRT-541:

  • nominal voltage - 5 V;
  • voltage deviation from nominal - ± 5%;
  • pulsation coefficient is less than 1%;
  • power consumption is no more 0.25 W.

Technical specification

Accuracy class


Nominal supply voltage, V

5±5% (DC)

Total power consumption, W, no more


Outside dimensions (without antenna) mm, no more


Weight (without remote antenna), kg, no more


Climatic modification according to GOST 15150


Ambient temperature, ° С

from -40 to +70

Relative humidity,%, no more

98 (at 25 °С)

Average lifetime, years


Mean time to failure, h


Frequency range of the radio channel, MHz

from 2405 to 2485

Maximum power, mW


Overall and mounting dimensions