Retransmitter, type MIRT-181

Designation and application field

  • The main function of the retransmitter is performing of retransmission of requests and data in the radio channel in the range of 433 MHz.
  • The retransmitter is powered from an AC-network. Dependent on the variation it has a built-in protection against impulse over voltages arising at lightnings.
  • To switch on and off the retransmitter there are no control elements, it begins to function immediately after voltage supply.

Technical specification

Nominal voltage of power supply (phase voltage), V


Full power consumption, VA, not more than


Overall dimensions (without antennas, connecting wires and an assembly set), mm, not more than

115х115х63; 170х162х75

Mass, kg, not more than


Climatic category according to GOST 15150


Ambient temperature, °С

from -40 to +70 °С

Relative humidity, %, not more than

98% (at 25 °С)

Average service life, years


MTF, hours


Class according to human protection against electrical shocks, GOST


Protection class according to GOST 14254


Radio channel

433 MHz


Overall and mounting dimensions