Data reading master MIRT-145 (coordinator), variation 2

Data reading master MIRT-145 (coordinator), variation 2

MIRT-145 is used for control of a MESH-network in radio channel 433 MHz. It provides a transparent access to devices of a MESH-network and lets control devices in the automatic and manual modes as well.

The coordinator uses the frequency band in the range 433 MHz, has power of 10 mW, therefore no permissions are needed to use frequency bands and execution of a registration of radio electronic equipment.

Interface type of MIRT-145 with equipment of wired communication channel RS-485.

If the maximum quantity of devices in the network of the coordinator can reach 2000 devices, the recommended quantity of devices has not to exceed 300 devices for an optimal operational speed of the network.

The coordinator supports enhancement of the range of the of radio channel 433 MHz with the help of signal retransmitters MIRT-181, MIRT-182. It supports a fine adjustment of operational parameters of a MESH-network. It is powered from an AC-network.

Technical specification

Full power consumption, W, not more than


Overall dimensions (without a remote antenna), mm, not more than


Mass, (without a remote antenna), kg, not more than


Climatic category according to GOST 15150


Ambient temperature, °С

from -40 to +70

Relative humidity, %, not more than

98 (at 25 °С)

Average service life, years


MTF, hours


Class according to human protection against electrical shocks GOST


Protection class according to GOST 14254


Frequency band of the radio channel, MHz

from 433,075 to 434,750

Maximum power, mW


Overall and mounting dimensions