Data reading master MIRT-141

Designation and application field

The main function is transmission of requests in communication radio channel of the telemechanical network from operator of the control point to the controlled point and data in the reversed direction. MIRT-141 device contains a radio frequency module for data communication as a functional node which performs radio modem functions (conversion of the digital interface into a radio signal and reverse conversion).

The data reading master uses the frequency band in the range of 433 MHz, has power of no more than 10 mW, therefore it is not required to obtain permits for the use of radio frequencies and registration of radio electronic equipment. It has a remote whip antenna which should be placed vertically.

Interface type with a personal computer (PC) is USB. The output circuit is connected to the PC input port using a standard connector. The device is powered by the PC to which it is connected.

Technical specification

Accuracy class


Nominal source voltage

5±5% (DC)

Full power consumption, W, not more than


Overall dimensions (without a remote antenna), mm, not more than


Mass (without a remote antenna), kg, not more than


Climatic category according to GOST 15150


Ambient temperature, °С

from -40 to +70

Relative humidity, %, not more than

98 (at 25 С)

Average service life, years


MTF, hours


Class according to human protection against electrical shocks, GOST


Protection class according to GOST 14254


Frequency band of the radio channel, MHz

from 433,075 to 434,750

Maximum power, mW


Overall and mounting dimensions